Monthly Archive: January, 2018

Manage Spectre and Meltdown with InSpectre

Spectre and Meltdown may go down in history as two of the most talked about security vulnerabilities in computer history. I say “talked about” because although these vulnerabilities are very serious, we have yet to see any exploits of them. Yet.

The problem is that protecting yourself against these vulnerabilities can be quite complicated and can also severely effect your system’s performance. For that matter, you may get all the required Windows updates, but maybe you missed a bios update. Since there are so many ways these vulnerabilities are being patched, you might miss something.

Enter Security Researcher Steve Gibson to the rescue. Famed for his Spinrite hard drive maintainance and recovery utility, Steve has created a fantastic and free 125 KB utility that not only helps you make sure you’re protected, but also allows you to manage the fixes in the case that you experience huge slowdowns.

[SPOILERS] The Last Jedi: A Theme of Failure

Star Wars: The Last Jedi continues to be hugely controversial. A collected internet of enraged fans still decry the crimes that this movie commits against their collective childhoods, despite being well received by the general populous and every casual fan I’ve asked. But is it good for fans? Is this literally the worst Star Wars ever?

No. Actually, I’m one of the poor few that considers this to be one of the most brilliant Star Wars films we’ve seen yet. Does it have issues? Sure. Is it perfect? No. But this is the first time that we’ve seen a director from the indie film circuit take a turn at Star Wars. And for this reason, this is a very different Star Wars than we’ve seen before.