My name is Mike. I like good stuff. I like writing. So therefore, I write about good things.

This webpage is my attempt to combat the constant internet vitriol that exists within the tech and geekery journalism sphere. There’s too much negativity, and honestly, even when things are really bad, we really shouldn’t be giving them any attention. On this webpage, I talk only about things that I have found that I like and I think you’ll like. I argue my opinion, and you are welcome to counter-argue you in the comments. I Hope you’ll enjoy this rare place of positivity on the internet!

I don’t advertise on this site (anymore). Only the biggest sites make enough to make it worthwhile to denegrate a reader’s experience, and I’m not one of them. I pay for this website out of my own pocket and balance writing this blog with a job as a technical writer and various other hobbies.

Have a question, suggestion, or just need to vent about something? Let me know!

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