Best April Fools Jokes 2015

I love April Fools. Mainly because as I’ve gotten older, people don’t prank me anymore. And now I can just sit back on Reddit and laugh at all the terrible things done at other people’s expense. But the best part is that big companies also love to spend a ton of money and time getting your attention with silly April Fools stuff. And boy does it work! It’s like the marketing departments are trying to create another superbowl! Oh crap, maybe they are. Not everything you’re going to see April Fools-wise is great, but here’s the stuff that actually made me LOL today.

Microsoft Goes Back to BASIC with MS-DOS Mobile

I have no words. It’s glorious. Check out my video below.

Have Sex with an Uber Driver

“A Swipe can change your ride” is the tag line for this hilarious Uber / Tinder crossover. This rare cross-company prank promises to match horny riders with Uber drivers. Best part of it, he’ll split the fair with you, which makes it kinda like prostitution.

The Selfie Shoe

The only reason I LOL’d at this one is because friggin USA Today fell to this prank and actually published a legit article about the announcement. Selfie sticks are bad enough, and there were ton of selfie stick-based jokes like a dog selfie stick from Petco and a Twelfie stick from Twitter but now you can make the inevitable dropping of your glass backed Galaxy S6 even easier by sticking it in your shoe. Then, just wack a stranger in the face and hopefully his chin will hit the camera capture button.

Microsoft Office for Cats

In another Microsoft move (they also replaced all Bing stuff with cats too), the tech firm announced the adorably cute productivity suite for our feline friends who want to plot out their world domination. As a side note, I absolutely want to use that mouse.


While Google’s Pac Man Google Maps thing was clever, what really made me laugh was the firm’s mirror imaging of If you type in Com.Google into your search browser, you’ll get this.

Even the image search is mirrored. Bravo Google. I think I literally fell on the floor and rolled a couple of times.

CERN Confirms the Existence of the Force

Researcher Ben Kenobi finally came out with the proof for his research that the Force does exist and can be harnessed for ultimate power. Like reshelving books or reheating coffee.

CERN physicist Valerio Rossetti harnesses the Force for more mundane tasks, such as reheating coffee (Image: Max Brice and Daniel Dominguez/CERN)

Seriously though, the article is worth a read, if anything for the LOLs. The article talks about the serious implications of this research, such as the possibility that a rouge researcher named Dave Vader was unimpressed by Kenobi, plans to delve into the Dark Side of the Standard Model, and build his own (spherical?) research station. Thanks CERN. I love you.

The Samsung Galaxy Blade Edge

Samsung announced it’s own “cutting edge” technology today. This isn’t that far from HP employees using MacBooks to cut the cake, but honestly, I wouldn’t have believed that Samsung could release this. They love throwing things to the wall to see if they stick. Oooh, Galaxy S Sticky. Love it.

T-Mobile Pets Unleashed

Nuff Said. I want that fetch harness though. Augmented reality FTW.

Hailo Piggy Back

The taxi company, Hailo (a taxi is an old-school pre-uber transportation calling service) is going to revolutionize transportation again (or the first time?). By the way, I absolutely want this service to not be fake. Make this a reality. Now.

Mike Lohnash