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Like most people, I have delusions of grandeur. I expect my free time to be filled with nothing but productivity. Also like most people, shiny things distract me from those dreams. And for every video game, Adventure Time episode, Top Gear binge session, and hour of Redditing I do, I feel bad. Because I could have found a great job, wrote an amazing article, wrote the next chapter of my book, etc. In today’s high tech and high paced internet-centric world, we face an epidemic of distraction. We could all use a little motivation in our lives. That’s where HabitRPG comes in.


Troy Baker is a pretty talented fellow

So in addition to totally nailing the part of Joel from Last of Us, quietly making awesome as Oscelot from the Metal Gear series, and playing the sexy and kickass Pinkerton main character from Bioshock Infinite, he can now apparently take the mantle from Mark Hamill and play the Joker in Arkham Origins. Watch his performance at ComicCon below: [youtube=]