How to Get Unlimited 3DS Spot Passes

This morning, Anthony Schwader uploaded a video on YouTube reporting an exploit in Nintendo’s special character spot pass platform that will give you a potentially unlimited amount of spot passes, one at a time using Nintendo’s Special Guest Miis. He supposibly figured this out while trying to fix a corrupted SD card by removing a possibly problematic Special Guest Mii. I have now tried this exploit and can verify it works.

If you have a 3DS, you should know that every now and then, Nintendo will release special characters over their Spot Pass network to coincide with real life events. Typically, you’ll get some random Nintendo of America guy with a Mario hat, or more recently, you’ll get an Abraham Lincoln character to coincide with the release of the Codename S.T.E.A.M. game. During big press events like E3, Nintendo will even send characters out every single day.

These characters are better than standard spot passes because they have all of the puzzle pieces, even the hard to find pink ones, and typically have special items, weapons, or large armies that you can use within Nintendo’s Spot Pass games.

Here’s his helpful video below, but it’s a bit of a lengthy process, so I’ve included a list of instructions below:

  1. Make sure to use the special guest in all of the games
  2. Deactivate StreetPass (which will also deactivate SpotPass) in the Settings menu of the Plaza
  3. Delete the Special Guest Mii from your plaza
  4. Hit the home button and close the plaza
  5. Re-enter the plaza and Reactivate StreetPass and SpotPass in the settings
  6. Wait for the blue light on your 3DS to flash, saying you got a new SpotPass
  7. Hit home and your notification bubble should pop up.
  8. Enter notifications menu and select the “Launch Software” button on the bottom
  9. The Mii Plaza open by itself and the same Special Guest should show up again.
  10. Use him and abuse him for all his rewards and benefits
  11. Rinse and repeat until you’re bored of doing it.

Once again, I have verified this works, but who knows if it will work forever. Knowing how Nintendo tends to freak out about exploits, it probably won’t be there forever. Thanks again, Anthony!

Mike Lohnash