Of Futures and Good Stuff

So, Mike is back. Yup. I’m writing for my stupid blog again. Why? Because I damn well feel like it. If you’re wondering why I was gone, well let’s just say that this blog doesn’t pay me. At least not yet. But other things I recently picked up do pay me. So when I get home from my stupid and unfulfilling 9-5 and then I think about what I’d rather do: write for a site that doesn’t pay me, or write for a site that does pay me. Well, history speaks for me. Call me a slave to the man or a sell-out, but sometimes a career comes first. You’ll understand when you get older.

Another reason I haven’t been writing for this blog in a while is because I had a definite theme when I first started it. It was going to be about happy stuff, or something like that. Good stuff, shall we say. But how do you define good stuff? At first, I defined it like some sort of Nightvalean Smiling God kinda stuff, where bad things are happening, but I either ignored them and talked about happy stuff, or I played uh…angel’s advocate or something? Whatever. Anyway, I started to look at the stuff I was writing and realized that not even I was interested in that stuff.

The fact is, as the great R.E.M. states, everybody hurts. And as long as the stupidly advanced alien species that everyone thinks exists somewhere doesn’t land on our planet and laser our stupid petty faces, bad stuff will keep happening. Whenever I’m in a dark place or I’m feeling particularly petty and stuck in a rut caring too much about something stupid, I kinda like reading someone ranting about something I care about, good or bad. And rant is what I do best.

So rather than trying to squeeze ketchup out my toothpaste tube, I’m going to do what I love to do and write about the stuff that’s on my mind, the stuff that’s bothering me, the stuff I’m excited about, good or bad. While it seems like I’ve been doing this all along, I haven’t. You’ve only seen a taste of what I can do when I don’t artificially restrict myself. Read: any Star Wars blog I’ve ever published.

I hope you like what I end up doing, because I don’t really know what that means. Also if you don’t, well stop reading it. Because this is just a blog and it’s time we all stop taking ourselves so seriously.

Mike Lohnash