Simon Beck Walking Around in the Snow

Feeling a bit cabin feverish with all the snow drifts blocking out you East coasters? Feeling the winter paunch? Need some exercise? Well follow the example of this crazy guy, who literally walks around in the snow in snow shoes and makes art.

Simon’s snow art started out a weird idea popping into his mind after a snow session, probably after a few beers in the cabin. He claims he wanted to get a bit more exercise after a ski session (already crazy in my book), and decided to start walking around in his snow shoes. And while he was walking, he might as well try to make a picture.

Well, it turns out it looked really friggin awesome from above. Okay, this isn’t the first drawing he made. This was made after probably about a decade of practice. But still. Holy crud.

Beck is an orienteering expert, meaning he’s really great at finding his way out of a landscape that is nothing but white with a bunch of white flying around. To create these designs, he first sketches it out, uses some fancy “orienteering” skills to figure out how many steps he’s going to need to create the design, and then uses a compass to guide himself and his footsteps in the right direction.

His designs can take up to 11 hours and 30 miles of walking to complete. And the crazy things is that once it starts snowing again, or the snow starts melting, the design is gone. He says he doesn’t mind as long as he has a few moments to take some pictures first. He’s made a book of his snow art now, which you can buy on Amazon now.

Want to see more of his art? Check out his online gallery at

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Mike Lohnash