Guild Wars 2

So, the cast of Star Wars episode 7 got announced. The curtain was pulled off a new Call of Duty game based on the future that’ll probably have more rock tessellation. New iPhone pics got leaked. Lots of things were said on Twitter. A lot less things were said on Facebook. And more importantly, I had a weekend without too many obligations. Mother’s day happened! But I missed most (I did see my mother at least) of those things. Why? I was playing Guild Wars 2 again. This is probably the twelfth time since I bought the game in late 2012 that I’ve come … Read more…

Final Fantasy 7 Coming to PC (again…finally)

A Google Cache search of the site found a version of the site detailing Square Enix’s most recent efforts to resurrect Final Fantasy 7 on PC. So far we know that better graphics and achievements are promised. The best part is that the site was tracked down to the CEO of Square Enix, himself. While it may be just a rumor at this point, its certainly enough to excite PC gamers Source: Joystiq