Like most people, I have delusions of grandeur. I expect my free time to be filled with nothing but productivity. Also like most people, shiny things distract me from those dreams. And for every video game, Adventure Time episode, Top Gear binge session, and hour of Redditing I do, I feel bad. Because I could have found a great job, wrote an amazing article, wrote the next chapter of my book, etc. In today’s high tech and high paced internet-centric world, we face an epidemic of distraction. We could all use a little motivation in our lives. That’s where HabitRPG comes in.

Guild Wars 2

So, the cast of Star Wars episode 7 got announced. The curtain was pulled off a new Call of Duty game based on the future that’ll probably have more rock tessellation. New iPhone pics got leaked. Lots of things were said on Twitter. A lot less things were said on Facebook. And more importantly, I had a weekend without too many obligations. Mother’s day happened! But I missed most (I did see my mother at least) of those things. Why? I was playing Guild Wars 2 again. This is probably the twelfth time since I bought the game in late 2012 that I’ve come … Read more…