You Should be Excited for Rebels Season 2

Those of us Star Wars fans who know better have been eagerly awaiting Season Two of Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels for half a year now. Dave Filoni and crew released a teaser episode earlier this year, but Darth Vader only wetted our appetites for more.

If you’re a Star Wars fan… Or even if not, you should be watching this show. In my humble opinion, this is the best Star Wars story telling on screen we’ve seen in decades, and yes, I am actually okay with the prequels and loved the Clone Wars cartoon. The characters are well fleshed out, the action is intense, the suspense is palpable, and the stakes are getting higher. Now that they’re on Vader’s radar, you know it’s about to get real.  If this teaser didn’t do it for you, I’m not sure what will.

But if it didn’t, know that the empire is now well aware of the rebels on Lothal, they are aware that there is Jedi, and Vader is aware of Ahsoka’s presence. So, they are redoubling their efforts. Multiple Inquisitors are hunting then now, not just the cheeky dude from season 1. No more raids on Lothal. They’re literally fighting for their lives and they have the might of Empire hunting them down. Okay fine, how about this new trailer?

What the crap? Two Inquisitors? Sabine is evoking her Mandalorian clan? She’s part of clan Viszla? The freaking Death Watch? She was a bounty hunter? Holy crap, Sabine is even MORE badass now!

Hera is flying a red B-Wing designed by what might be none other than Akbar (he helped designed the originals)? Plus, serious geek out with the Interdictor Cruiser. That was EU only for so long, first introduced in Heir to the Empire. Now it’s back, and just as terrifying. Love it.

Sarah Michele Gellar was announced as a cast member a while ago, and there been plenty of speculation about her role ever since. The majority of speculation has settled on Leia, due to her sweet voice with her capability of badass proven with Buffy. This was further intensified when she shared a selfie of her with the Leia buns. This doesn’t prove anything except for either some amount of fandom or a bedroom kink that’s probably best kept a secret between her and her husband/Rebel’s co-star/Star Wars superfan Freddie Prince Jr.


But it turns out she’s on the other side of the fence and may even have to confront (verbally) her own husband. She was recently announced to be playing “the seventh sister,” part of a new group of Inquisitors that will be hunting our intrepid team of Rebels in Season 2. At first, this confused me. I couldn’t get it right in my head that SMG could play a sith villian. As I said before, her voice seems to0 sweet and poppy to be sinister.

But thanks to some reveals at NY Comic Con, we’ve seen the first footage of her character and her heavily modified voice.

I have to say, all doubts have faded away. She sounds pretty creepy, albeit with the help of some voice modification due to the vocoder she speaks through, and some further modifications even after her mask is removed. Regardless, it sounds good, mostly convincing. But we’ll have to see how SMG performs as a villain. The Seventh Sister has some moves, some robots, and seemingly the same lightsaber as our previous Inquisitor, so I have a feeling this is going to be a theme.


She also appears to be a Miralan, believes Ahsoka is alive, and is hunting her. This opens up some interesting possibilities. While she could be an Inquisitor who wants to hunt down the last true Jedi Knight, I’d like to think there’s a bit more to it than that. There’s some debate about the possibility that the Seventh Sister could be none other than the notorious Barris Offee. You know, the traitor that sabotaged Ahsoka, got her banned from the Order, yet ultimately probably saved her life. That said, I’m not convinced. She doesn’t particularly look like Barriss, and I’m not sure why they would change the voice actor, considering they kept Ahsoka’s original voice actor. Also, there’s matter of the lack of or misaligned freckles. I don’t immediate think it ‘s Barriss, but it might be someone associated with her. While Barriss would be a rather Filoni-esque thing to do, and would be awesomely fitting, it’s kinda one-dimensional, especially since they’re showing us her face so early. I have a feeling there’s more to these Inquisitors than meets the eye, and Filoni will blow us away with these new villains.

And if there’s anything I’ve learned from Rebels, it’s that we shouldn’t underestimate the team’s ability to surprise the hell out of us. The season premiere starts Wednesday (Tomorrow!!), so set your DVRs, set alarms and reminders on your devices, because you’re not going to want to miss this.

In case you haven’t seen Season 1 and want to catch up, you can either buy Season 1 on or iTunes. Unfortunately, it’s not available for streaming.

Mike Lohnash